GILBERT ANDERSON's parentage is unknown. It is likely that his father's name was John. A Gilbert Anderson was born to John Anderson and Jean Clark at Laigh Merkland, Sorn, Ayrshire and baptized on the 13th of April 1756.

JEAN BLACKWOOD was born at Airdsgreen, Muirkirk, Ayrshire on the 10th of May 1780. (Transcribed from OPR)

Daughter of HUGH BLACKWOOD and JEAN BRYCE of West Glenbuck. Airdsgreen is near to Glenbuck and was at one time occupied by the Blackwood family.

Gilbert and Jean were married in Muirkirk on the 4th of September 1801. (Transcribed from OPR Ref. 607/1, FR275)

"Gilbert Anderson in Townhead of Greenock and Jean Blackwood in Chapplehouse both in this parish were proclaimed for the first time in order to marriage upon Sat 23rd Aug and married at Chapplehouse upon the 4th September following."


  1. John Anderson, born in Muirkirk on the 9th of June 1802. (OPR Ref. 607/2, FR451)
  2. Jean Anderson, born at Townhead of Greenock, Muirkirk on the 25th of June and baptised on the 26th of June 1804. (Transcribed from OPR Ref. 607/2, FR451)
    Jean married William Craig, son of Alexander Craig and Elizabeth Craig.
  3. Hugh Anderson, born in Muirkirk on the 4th of October 1806. (OPR Ref. 607/2, FR485)
  4. John Anderson, born in Muirkirk on the 6th of June 1808. (OPR Ref. 607/2, FR498)
  5. Mary Anderson, born in Muirkirk on the 10th of October 1810 and baptised on the 18th of October. (OPR Ref. 607/2, FR521)
    Mary possibly married Gavin Gemmell (b. Muirkirk c.1809) of Whitehaugh Farm.
  6. James Anderson, born in Muirkirk on the 24th of November 1812. (OPR Ref. 607/2, FR542)
  7. William Anderson, born in Muirkirk on the 19th of January 1815 and baptised on the 28th of January. (OPR Ref. 607/2, FR562)
  8. Janet Anderson, born in Muirkirk on the 18th of April 1817 and baptised on the 24th of April. (OPR Ref. 607/2, FR581)
  9. Margaret Anderson, born in Muirkirk on the 15th of September 1820 and baptised on the 20th of October. (OPR Ref. 607/2, FR656)
  10. All the above children were born at Townhead of Greenock Farm, Muirkirk. (Ref. IGI)

    Hugh, Janet and Margaret are at Townhead on the 1841 census.

Gilbert died sometime before 1841 - his death is not in the statutory records, and he is not on the 1841 or 1851 census.

Jean died at Townhead Farm, Muirkirk, on the 13th of January 1870. (GROS Ref. 1870, 607, 1)