WILLIAM DICKIE was born in Mauchline about 1805 (Ref. 1851 Census).

Son of James Dickie and Margaret Wilson.

JANE WATT was born at Millwell, Glassford, about 1815.

Daughter of Thomas Watt and Janet Reid.

Millwell is on the East Kilbride - Glassford parish boundary, so any reference to East Kilbride or Glassford in conjunction with Millwell may not necessarily be accurate.

William and Jane were married on the 16th of March 1834 (OPR Ref. 643/3, FR802). William was of East Kilbride parish, Jane was of Glassford.

William and Jane are at Leaburn, East Kilbride, on the 1841 census. Williams' occupation is 'Wright'. They are at Rutheran Farm, Glassford, on the 1851 and 1861 census. Jane is at Walston Place Farm, Walston, on the 1881 census, living with her daughter Isabella's family.

William and Jane are in the lineage of both my parents; their son James is my mother's great-grandfather and their daughter Agnes is my father's great-grandmother.


  1. Janet Dickie, born in East Kilbride about 1834. (Ref. 1851 Census)

    Janet married Alexander Dalglish (b. Galston c.1822) of Shawtonhill, Glassford, son of William Dalglish and Elizabeth Fleming, at Rutheran on the 25th of July 1856. They had at least ten children. They are at Shawtonhill on the 1881 census. Janet died at 37 Rumford Street, Glasgow, on the 20th of December 1909 (her sister Agnes is known to have lived at 35 Rumford Street with her family).

  2. JAMES DICKIE, born in East Kilbride about 1836. (Ref. 1851 Census)

    Married Margaret Weir, daughter of James Weir and Jane Dickie.

  3. Margaret Dickie, born in East Kilbride about 1838. (Ref. 1851 Census)
  4. Margaret married Andrew Wilson (b. Avondale c.1827) of Curlingmyre Farm, East Kilbride, son of Andrew Wilson and Jean Struthers, at Rutheran on the 30th of November 1860. They are at Curlingmire on the 1881 census. They had at least six children. One daughter, Jane, married John Struthers, son of Robert Struthers and Sarah Wilson. Margaret died at Curlingmyre on the 9th of April 1902. Andrew Wilson died at Thorn Cottage on the 30th August 1912.

  5. Jean Dickie, born in East Kilbride about 1841. (Ref. 1851 Census)

    Jean married William Wilson (b. Avondale c.1831) a Farm Servant resident at Shawton Cottages, son of Andrew Wilson and Jean Struthers, on the 2nd of June 1863. They had at least five children. They are at 36 Pembroke Street, Barony, on the 1881 census. William's occupation is 'Carter'. Jean died at Mossferran(?) Lodge, Broughton, on the 14th of June 1910.

  6. Mary Dickie, born in East Kilbride about 1842. (Ref. 1851 Census)

    Mary married Moses Forsyth (b. East Kilbride c.1838) of Chapelton, Grain Dealer, son of James Forsyth and Margaret Struthers, at Rutheran on the 18th of August 1863 (Mary and Moses had been witnesses at Mary's sister Jean's marriage). They are at Bankhead Farm House, Abbotshall, Fife, on the 1881 census. They had at least six children, five of whom were born in Avondale. One son married Mary's sister Agnes' daughter (see entry for Agnes Dickie). Mary died at 2 Novar Crescent, Kirkcaldy, on the 10th of February 1922.

  7. AGNES DICKIE, born in East Kilbride about 1847. (Ref. 1851 Census)

    Married John Semple, son of Matthew Semple and Margaret Watt.

  8. Isabella Dickie, born in East Kilbride about 1850. (Ref. 1851 Census)

    Isabella married James Semple (b. Avondale c.1843) of Shawton, Glassford, son of James Semple and Marion Semple, on the 26th of November 1869. They had at least six children. They are at Walston Place Farmhouse on the 1881 census, along with her mother and younger sister Charlotte. Isabella died at St Helen's, Biggar, on the 10th of August 1929.

  9. William Wilson Dickie, born about 1852. (Ref. 1861 Census)

    William was witness at James Dickie's marriage in 1870. He married Janet Dick (b., daughter of Robert Dick and Janet Boyd, at Thorne Farm, Glassford on the 8th of March 1878; they had at least six children. They are at Calderwood's Land, East Kilbride, on the 1881 census; William's occupation is Master Millwright. William later founded an engineering company, William Dickie & Sons, which made agricultural equipment. The most well-known item was a windmill used to pump water; at one time these could be seen all over the countryside. William died at Braeside, Victoria Crescent, Clarkston, on the 7th of May 1937.

  10. Thomas Dickie, born at Rutheran on the 11th of July 1855. (GROS Ref. 1855, 645, 38)

    Thomas is living with his brother James at Rutheran on the 1881 census. His occupation is Milk Salesman. He married Grace Cullen (b. Glasgow c.1858), daughter of William Cullen, Dairyman, and Ellen Paterson at 16 Annfield Street, Glasgow, on the 6th of June 1882. Thomas died at Scooniehill Farm, St Andrews, on the 12th of June 1941.

  11. Charlotte Dickie, born at Rutheran on the 11th of March 1858. (GROS Ref. 1858, 645, 11)

    Informant for her birth was her sister Margaret. Charlotte is working as a Dairymaid at Walston Place on the 1881 census. She married a Cattle Dealer, David Dickson, son of John Dickson and Helen Livingstone, at West Lindsaylands Farm, Biggar, on the 26th of July 1882. Charlotte died at 19 Great King Street, Edinburgh, on the 3rd of November 1926 - her usual place of residence is given as Carstane, Broughton, Peebleshire.

William died at Rutheran on the 16th of October 1861.

Jane died at Shawtonhill Farm, Glassford, on the 1st of June 1886.