Allan and Janet were married in Neilston on the 21st of March 1800. (OPR Ref. 572/3, FR735)


  1. Robert Howie, born in Neilston and baptised on the 8th of August 1802. (OPR Ref. 572/2, FR456)

    This son appears to have died in infancy.

  2. Robert Howie, born at Shawhill, Mearns, on the 26th of February 1804 and baptised on the 4th of March. (Transcribed from OPR Ref. 571/1, FR73)
  3. Robert married Isabella Craig, daughter of John Craig and Jean McFarlane.
  4. Jean Howie, born at Shawhill on the 9th of December 1806 and baptised on the 15th of December. (Transcribed from OPR)