AGNES THOMSON was born c.1769.

John and Agnes were married in August 1787 - there are OPR entries for the 5th of August 1787 in East Kilbride (OPR Ref. 643/2, FR558) and the 6th of August 1787 in Cambuslang (OPR Ref. 627/2, FR349).

John and Agnes lived at Chapelside Farm in East Kilbride.

  1. Alexander Johnston, born in East Kilbride about 1796.
  2. Alexander married Agnes Dick, daughter of Robert Dick and Agnes Alexander.
  3. Bethia Johnston, born c.1798 and died on the 15th of May 1820. (East Kilbride Memorial Inscriptions)

Agnes died on the 14th of July 1822, aged 53 years.

John died on the 4th of February 1826. An inventory of his household furniture, farm stock and implements of husbandry was valued at 281 pounds, 16 shillings and eightpence.