JOHN SEMPLE was born in Avondale about 1842 or 1843.

Son of Matthew Semple and Margaret Watt.

John is at Hallburn Farm, Avondale, on the 1851 census. At the time of his marriage in 1868 he was living at Carnduff Farm, East Kilbride.

AGNES DICKIE was born in East Kilbride about 1847 or 1848.

Daughter of William Dickie and Jane Watt.

Agnes is at Rutheran Farm, Glassford, on the 1851 census.

John and Agnes were married at Rutheran on the 11th of December, 1868.

Witnessed by Alex Semple and Isabella Dickie.

Officiated by James Bonnar of the United Presbyterian Church.

John and Agnes are at Springfield on the 1871 census and at Craighead Farm, Blantyre, on the 1881 census. They are at 216 Dalmarnock Road, Glasgow, on the 1891 census and at 35 Rumford Street, Glasgow, on the 1901 census.


  1. Jane Semple, born at Springfield Farm, East Kilbride, on the 24th of November, 1869. (GROS Ref. 1869, 643, 116)

    Jane is at High Whitehills Farm, East Kilbride, with her brothers Matthew and Thomas on the 1901 census. She married George Scott Shirlaw (b. Carluke c.1858) of East Law Farm, Carluke, son of John Shirlaw and Grace Scott, at Over Enoch Farm, Eaglesham on the 5th of June 1907. Jane died at East Law on the 27th of April 1908, following complications during childbirth.

  2. MATTHEW SEMPLE, born at Springfield of Carnduff, East Kilbride, on the 10th of October 1871. (GROS Ref. 1871, 643, 105)

    This Springfield is presumably the same one as Jane's birthplace, above. Married Margaret Johnston, daughter of John Johnston and Helen Strang.

  3. William Semple, born at Farme, Glassford, on the 29th of September, 1873. (GROS Ref. 1873, 645, 31)

    William never married. He died at Enoch Farm on the 17th of May 1906.

  4. Margaret Semple, born at Farme on the 11th of September, 1876. (GROS Ref. 1876, 645, 39)

    Margaret married her cousin Moses Struthers Forsyth (b. Abbotshall, Fife c.1877) of Bankhead of Raith Farm, Abbotshall, son of Moses Forsyth and Mary Dickie, at Over Enoch on the 2nd of December 1904. Margaret died at Mill of Airntully, Stanley, Perthshire on the 7th of July 1961.

  5. James Semple, born at Farme on the 29th of September, 1878. (GROS Ref. 1878, 645, 49)

    James is at Rumford Street on the 1901 census. His occupation is Joiner. He never married and was killed accidentally in Delburn(?) Street, Glasgow on the 18th of September 1903. His place of residence was 24 Edmiston Street.

  6. Agnes Semple, born at Craighead on the 6th of February, 1881. (GROS Ref. 1881, 624, 51)

    Agnes married George Smith (b.c.1879) of High Borland Farm, Eaglesham, son of George Smith and Sarah Clark, at Over Enoch on the 26th of November 1914. She died at Grove Hospital on the 2nd of November 1968. Her usual residence was High Borland.

  7. Andrew Semple, born at Craighead on the 2nd of April, 1883. (GROS Ref. 1883, 624, 103)
    Andrew was a Joiner. He emigrated to Toronto in Canada in 1905, but returned at some point and married Agnes Gilmour (b.c.1885) of Ardoch Farm, daughter of Hugh Gilmour and Marion Stewart, at Enoch Farm on the 8th of March 1911. Both then returned to Toronto later that month. On the 1911 census they are in Calgary, Alberta, where Andrew is employed as a Carpenter. Agnes and her unnamed baby son died in the "Lusitania" sinking on the 7th of May 1915. Her gravestone is in Eaglesham Churchyard.
  8. Thomas Semple, born at Craighead on the 4th of August, 1885. (GROS Ref. 1885, 624, 259)

    Thomas is at High Whitehills on the 1901 census. His occupation is Milkman. He married Elizabeth Mather Dykes (b.c.1888) of Nethercraigs, Eaglesham, daughter of John Dykes and Margaret Fleming, at Nethercraigs on the 16th of November 1923. Thomas died at Drummochy, Lower Largo, Fife on the 17th of May 1961.

  9. Charlotte Semple, born at Craighead on the 9th of March, 1890. (GROS Ref. 1890, 624, 85)
    Charlotte died at 216 Dalmarnock Street on the 18th of June 1891.

Agnes died at Newton of Collessie in Fife, on the 29th of June, 1933. Informant was M.S. Forsyth; this may be her son-in-law/nephew Moses Struthers Forsyth.

John died at High Borland Farm, Eaglesham, on the 3rd of May, 1935.