Based on the naming pattern of the children, the names of Robert's parents are possibly James and Janet, and the names of Jean's parents are possibly Robert and Isabel.

Robert and Jean were married in Avondale on the 30th of November 1782. (Transcribed from OPR)


  1. James Struthers, born at High Unthank Farm, Avondale, on the 22nd of November 1783 and baptised on the 29th. (Transcribed from OPR 621/1 FR206)
  2. Isabel Struthers, born at High Unthank on the 11th of July 1785 and baptised on the 19th. (Transcribed from OPR Ref. 621/1 FR283)
    Isabel was married to John Pettigrew, Farmer. She died at Springhead, Cambusnethan, on the 27th of October 1873. Her grand-daughter Isabella Watt of Wishaw was the informant.
  3. Janet Struthers, born at Middlerow Farm, Avondale on the 4th of April 1787 and baptised on the 10th. (Transcribed from OPR Ref. 621/1 FR286)
  4. Robert Struthers, born at Middlerow on the 2nd of March 1789 and baptised on the 8th. (Transcribed from OPR 621/1 FR291)

    Robert married Sarah Wilson, daughter of Gavin Wilson and Mary Cochran.

  5. Andrew Struthers, born at Middlerow on the 6th of April 1791 and baptised on the 16th. (Transcribed from OPR 621/1 FR296)
  6. Agnes Struthers, born at Middlerow on the 6th of June 1793 and baptised on the 17th. (Transcribed from OPR 621/1 FR300)
  7. In typical minimalist Avondale OPR fashion, most of these births are registered under the father's name only.