Thomas WATT - Margaret CRAIG

THOMAS WATT was born in Picketlaw, Carmunnock on the 9th September 1778 and baptised on the 13th. (Transcribed from OPR)

"Carmunnock 1778 Alexander Watt in Picketlaw had a son born Sept 9 and bapt 13th named Thomas"

Son of Alexander Watt and Jean Baird.

Alexander and Jean were married in Carmunnock on the 13th of December 1775. (Transcribed from OPR)

MARGARET CRAIG was born in East Kilbride about 1782. (Ref. 1851 census)

Thomas and Margaret were married in East Kilbride on the 19th of June 1803. (Transcribed from OPR Ref. 643/2, FR573)

Thomas' occupation was a Carrier, according to his daughter Margaret's death certificate.

Thomas and Margaret are in Carmunnock on the 1851 census.


  1. Anne Watt, born in Avondale on the 21st of January 1805. (OPR Ref. 621/2, FR319)
  2. Jean Watt, born in Avondale on the 14th of November 1806. (OPR Ref. 621/2, FR321)
  3. Margaret Watt, born at Ridden in Avondale on the 4th of December 1808. (Transcribed from OPR Ref. 621/2, FR324)
    Margaret married Matthew Semple, son of Andrew Semple and Jane Young.
  4. Alexander Watt, born in Avondale about 1812. (Ref. 1851 and 1861 census and his death certificate)
    Alexander never married. He was a Grocer and Carter. Died at Fieldhead in Avondale on the 2nd of October 1866.
  5. John Watt, born in Avondale on the 19th of August 1813. (OPR Ref. 621/2, FR332)
    John was informant on his brother Alexander's death in 1866. At that time he was living in Bridgeton, Glasgow.
  6. Agnes Watt, born in Avondale on the 19th of August 1815. (OPR Ref. 621/2, FR338)
  7. Marion Watt, born in Avondale on the 12th of February 1818. (OPR Ref. 621/2, FR346)
  8. William Watt, born in Carmunnock about 1825. (Ref. 1851 census)