JAMES WEIR was born about 1797.

Son of Robert Weir and Margaret McKinlay.

James was previously married to Jemima Ferguson according to his death certificate. They married in Auchinleck on the 23rd of April 1824 (OPR Ref. 577/2, FR347) and had at least two sons by that marriage, Robert Weir, born at Duncanzeme, Auchinleck, on the 4th of March 1825 and Alexander Weir, born at Blackcroft, Auchinleck, on the 20th of July 1827 and baptised on the 12th of August (OPR Ref. 577/2, FR235). Jemima died on the 9th of January 1829, probably at Welltrees Farm.

JANE DICKIE was born in Galston and baptised on the 16th of December 1806. (OPR Ref. 593/2, FR419)

Daughter of Francis Dickie and Margaret Campbell. Her mother's forename is not given on Jane's death certificate.

James and Jane were married in Ayrshire on the 1st of December 1837. There are OPR entries for both Auchinleck (577/2, FR367) and Kilmarnock (597/11, FR2672).

James and Jane lived at Welltrees Farm, Auchinleck, at the time of the 1851 census. They were later at Blackside Farm, Sorn.

Jane is in Wales on the 1881 census, with her daughter Jane and her family.


  1. MARGARET WEIR, born in Auchinleck and baptised on the 13th of October 1839. (OPR Ref. 577/2, FR279)

    Married James Dickie, son of William Dickie and Jane Watt.

  2. Francis Weir, born in Auchinleck and baptised on the 7th of November 1841. (OPR Ref. 577/2, FR286)

    Francis is at Blackside Farm on the 1881 census. He married Christina Smith Park (b. Sorn c.1837), daughter of William Park and Christina Murdoch, at West Auchenlongford, Sorn, Ayrshire, on the 3rd of August 1865. They had at least seven children. They are at Blackside on the 1881 census. Francis died at Shawfoot, Southwick, Kirkcudbrightshire on the 17th of July 1921.

  3. James Weir, born in Auchinleck on the 30th of June 1844. (OPR Ref. 577/2, FR291)

    James died on the 18th of February 1848.

  4. Jean (Jane) Weir, born in Auchinleck on the 30th of June 1844. (OPR Ref. 577/2, FR291)

    Jean died on the 9th of February 1848.

  5. Jane (Jeanie) Weir, born in Auchinleck and baptised on the 29th of August 1850. (OPR Ref. 577/2, FR310)

    Jane Weir is witness at her sister Margaret's marriage in 1870. She married James Kennedy McKerrow (b.c.1848) of Port Madoc, North Wales, a Linen and Woollen Draper, son of James McKerrow, Farmer, and Elizabeth Kennedy, at Blackside on the 12th of February 1878. On the 1881 census they are in Ynyscynhaiarn, Caernarvon, Wales. It is possible that this is not the correct spelling, particularly as Jane's place of birth is transcribed as Audewleeck! James and Jane had at least two children. Jane's death does not appear to be on the statutory registers, so it is possible that she died while still resident in Wales.

James died at Blackside on the 15th of March, 1878.

Jane died at Blackside on the 10th of March, 1886.